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Education Problems in Public Schools


Education serves as a major purpose in a person’s life in shaping themselves into a good citizen. In many countries education has been declared as a birth right. It is provided by both public and private schools. There are private schools owned by private bodies and people and public schools owned by either government or trusts and non-governmental organizations which act to serve for the welfare of public.

In general, the popular opinion is that public school, are meant for children coming from poor families who cannot afford to send their child to the private schools where a high tuition fee would be charged showing the high standards of education and teaching. Public schools on the other hand provide several concessions and free education. But since they are for free, the condition of public schools is pathetic in most of the countries including developed nations. Authorities usually don’t care much about this negligence of management in running public schools as they have access to a limited amount of funds and are not answerable to parents if they don’t maintain the standards of education in there.

Some of the common problems faced by children in public schools are,
– Children do not get enough moral support and motivation from the teachers
– Teachers are negligent and do not perform their responsibility properly and may not complete the syllabus in time
– Lack of hygiene and students are at times deprived of even the basic necessities like water and electricity
– Lack of maintenance of proper furniture
– There are no strict rules regarding punctuality
– Libraries are not maintained and students may not be aware of making best use of libraries
– Even though many children attend schools but still they remain ill equipped in knowledgewise
– Children are not exposed to high level and latest technology
– There is no overall self-grooming and improvement
– The food provided in some public schools canteens are unhygienic due to which students suffer from diseases.