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How To Survive A Job You Hate


A job for most of us means ‘Just Obey Boss’, and we believe this attitude is enough to perform our duties and tasks at work, however this attitude also can make a job look hectic, uninterested and monotonous. Not every one of us tends to become lucky to get our dream job. Just do what you are asked to do, will leave people to become mechanical and a unthinking person at task and so naturally they will begin hating the job, then the boss or supervisor, then the system and finally life will look dark.

As there are many instances where people hate their job,may be due to their boss, long hours with hectic schedule, working environment or they do not get the choice of their work, we can build chances to make ways to survive a job you hate through these,

  1. Ask yourself why you do not want to do this job and write down the points. Then look for a way around to handle each constraint in job
  2. Enjoy what you are doing at workplace or listen to music during break time.
  3. Try to connect with the colleagues, have small talk, go to canteen with team members and smile and greet people when you come across, build work place relationships.
  4. Always start a day with positive attitude, ideas and thoughts, read a positive quote every morning.
  5. Remember that in order to enjoy life and have a secured future you have to earn it slowly and steadily through perseverance.
  6. Make interest in the work you are doing.
  7. Keep your mind focused whenever you perform a task to ensure you avoid mistakes that leads to work repetition.
  8. Do some exercise in between of legs; fist, etc occasionally do take a walk around.
  9. Take advantage of breaks, laugh, and smile, make friends.
  10. Put the clothes that may give you confidence and can make you feel comfortable while doing tasks.
  11. Consider the problems and issues at job as challenges and compete with them.