Best Websites to Get Freelance Jobs UK, US & Worldwide


Technology has got so advanced and its application in internet is becoming so exhaustive that most of the work which people used to go and do in offices can be done at home using internet and computer. Since computer software applications have replaced most of the paper work, people started using computers for those work in their offices, now with the help of technology concepts such as cloud computing.

These internet and online computer based jobs as they can be done at home or from any place just with internet access, this has made employers reduce costs in providing infrastructure to their employees and also for small time jobs or work they are able to hire people who are freelancers using freelance job sites in the web.

Freelance jobs are a good source of earning income while sitting at home. Anyone can apply for such jobs. There are several websites that provides freelance jobs. It consists of both providers and hirers. In freelance job sites mostly it would be the hirers who will have to pay the job sites which acts as a platform connecting freelancers and hirers.

The jobs are available in the form of content writing, design, programming, consultant, etc. Thousand sites are available on the internet. It is required to find out the best among them. People who are fond of writing can apply for these jobs. It improves writing and communication skills.

People residing anywhere in world can join these sites

  4. People per hour
  5. Craigslist
  6. Elance
  7. oDesk
  8. Constant Content
  9. Freelance Switch jobs

These websites can be used in UK and Worldwide. Sign up process is very simple. As a fresher any one may join with free membership. These jobs can be taken as part time or full time.