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How To Survive A Job You Hate


A job for most of us means ‘Just Obey Boss’, and we believe this attitude is enough to perform our duties and tasks at work, however this attitude also can make a job look hectic, uninterested and monotonous. Not every one of us tends to become lucky to get our dream job. Just do what you are asked to do, will leave people to become mechanical and a unthinking person at task and so naturally they will begin hating the job, then the boss or supervisor, then the system and finally life will look dark.

As there are many instances where people hate their job,may be due to their boss, long hours with hectic schedule, working environment or they do not get the choice of their work, we can build chances to make ways to survive a job you hate through these,

  1. Ask yourself why you do not want to do this job and write down the points. Then look for a way around to handle each constraint in job
  2. Enjoy what you are doing at workplace or listen to music during break time.
  3. Try to connect with the colleagues, have small talk, go to canteen with team members and smile and greet people when you come across, build work place relationships.
  4. Always start a day with positive attitude, ideas and thoughts, read a positive quote every morning.
  5. Remember that in order to enjoy life and have a secured future you have to earn it slowly and steadily through perseverance.
  6. Make interest in the work you are doing.
  7. Keep your mind focused whenever you perform a task to ensure you avoid mistakes that leads to work repetition.
  8. Do some exercise in between of legs; fist, etc occasionally do take a walk around.
  9. Take advantage of breaks, laugh, and smile, make friends.
  10. Put the clothes that may give you confidence and can make you feel comfortable while doing tasks.
  11. Consider the problems and issues at job as challenges and compete with them.


Best Websites to Get Freelance Jobs UK, US & Worldwide


Technology has got so advanced and its application in internet is becoming so exhaustive that most of the work which people used to go and do in offices can be done at home using internet and computer. Since computer software applications have replaced most of the paper work, people started using computers for those work in their offices, now with the help of technology concepts such as cloud computing.

These internet and online computer based jobs as they can be done at home or from any place just with internet access, this has made employers reduce costs in providing infrastructure to their employees and also for small time jobs or work they are able to hire people who are freelancers using freelance job sites in the web.

Freelance jobs are a good source of earning income while sitting at home. Anyone can apply for such jobs. There are several websites that provides freelance jobs. It consists of both providers and hirers. In freelance job sites mostly it would be the hirers who will have to pay the job sites which acts as a platform connecting freelancers and hirers.

The jobs are available in the form of content writing, design, programming, consultant, etc. Thousand sites are available on the internet. It is required to find out the best among them. People who are fond of writing can apply for these jobs. It improves writing and communication skills.

People residing anywhere in world can join these sites

  4. People per hour
  5. Craigslist
  6. Elance
  7. oDesk
  8. Constant Content
  9. Freelance Switch jobs

These websites can be used in UK and Worldwide. Sign up process is very simple. As a fresher any one may join with free membership. These jobs can be taken as part time or full time.


Possible Careers with a Biology Degree


Science is a great field of study that has served an important curiosity of mankind to understand the earth, universe, nature and our human survival better and has also helped people to improvise the same and has laid foundation for new inventions.

Biology is one of the branches of science concerned with the study of living organisms. Biology provides fundamental knowledge to understand and learn higher levels of science especially in research and development. It has a wide scope of research studies and career options. Especially in the field of drug and medicine a lot of research is constantly done with the help of biology to deal with diseases, disorders, living conditions and other things that are a threat to healthy human survival.

Some of the popular and possible careers with a biology degree combined with other courses are Bio-chemist, Biologist, Coroner, Dental Worker, Biotechnology, Dietician, Ecologist, Geneticist, Forester, Medical work, Researcher, Therapist, Veterinarian, Nurse, Zoologist, and Doctor etc. Earning a biology degree with a course or a higher education can help a person land in a good career and most of the careers with biology degree require a lot of practical work experience making them very unique.

For careers in biology degree book reading and theoretical knowledge alone is not enough and a practical hands on experience is a must. Many biologist graduates choose to do post-graduation to get expertise in the particular field. Biology degree provides wider opportunities for future in science and health sectors. It requires a person with proper skills, expertise and confidence. Choosing a proper degree and achieving it with full dedication is all needed to make career run at a faster speed. They must think critically and must be able to solve the problem. Their thoughts and ideas must be based on logical thinking and reasoning.


The dos and don’ts of student networking


Social Networking sites and its application has almost become as an integral part of a person’s daily routine, either by occasionally logging in through mobile apps and looking for notifications or using PC to check what is latest buzz in one’s circle. Social networking not only helps to stay socially connected with the friends and family people online it also thereby helps us to interact and communicate and let people know in our circle on our thoughts and important life events through pictures and videos irrespective of where they stay across the world. It also helps to chat with friends, discuss on business topics and connect with people all over the globe. This has made easier for students to start their own student groups and to interact among the students of same class or school or institution. However, these student networking sites have their own merits and demerits.

On the positive side, on discussing the Do’s of student networking, this helps students to share knowledge, know each other better, create a friendly and healthy atmosphere irrespective of caste, creed, gender etc. It also helps them to discuss and become part of debates and conversations related to social causes. Social media can be used by students to connect with professionals and specialized people and in this way it helps in career enhancement. Student networking must be taken in a positive manner which may give positive and productive results.

On the Don’ts of student networking, students must not make bad use of the sites for improper usage of personal information. They must not reveal their every detail or should take advantage of others details.

Networking with people should be done proper caution they need to choose right people else can be easily mislead to do unethical things. Precautions must be taken in using passwords and ensuring network security. They need to be aware of hackers. Verify the links, attachments and downloads. Use morally safe content in pictures and videos and should not use abusive language.