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Current trends in US education


The US system of education is changing gradually. The tradition of getting a science related degree has reduced now. Inclusion of service sector related courses in educational system has increased now. Hospitality, content writing, music, program anchoring, and other such courses are increasing now. Rather than having heavy curriculum, it is balanced now which is light and student friendly. Such education gives time for the students to think about their interest and pursue the career accordingly. Mode of education is also changing. Online educational and distance education are gaining momentum as there are many institutions offering quality education online or through distance education.

Students in today’s world are equipped with internet that provides many opportunities to research get educated and choose the career path they are interested in, and educational institutions are taking steps towards this change rapidly. As each individual has certain talents that need to be nurtured and improved, extracurricular activities and other social activities are being introduced in colleges and schools. The overburden has been reduced considerably giving more chance to practical education. Students are made ready to face the outer world with confidence and expertise. Educational institutions are providing career oriented education. Thus currently the trend of education is improving a lot with good options.

Recently, most of the professional graduation degree and higher education programs taught in leading US universities in India have got worldwide accreditation and have become valid to be considered equivalent to educational programs offered in many developed countries such as UK and European countries making US is eligible for jobs and employment across the globe for those professions.

Also, the Govt. are planning to come up with more number of STEM institutions which are institutions that are considered to be one of the finest institutions and have been ranked among top notch universities across the world.


High School Graduation Party Ideas


Apart from playing a major role in educating a person and getting them ready for the society, schooling offers a lot of fun, thrill and joy in a person’s life. Especially, high school days are the time when from childhood they get matured into adults, and as they are full of energy, with a healthy body and inquisitive mind, they tend to become adventurous have the best of their time in their lives to explore and know things and this leaves them with lots of memorable events and sweet memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

And yet again the above said, makes the high school graduation a memorable event and has to be celebrated to the maximum level with a party.

High School Graduation Party is the best way to highlight the achievement after their completion of high school and getting geared up for a college life.

Here are High school graduation Party Ideas that can help in planning them well –

  1. Decide whether it is going to be a large graduation party or just a small dinner based on school and students budget.
  2. Find a place to have the party.
  3. Plan the graduation party budget based on the group size.
  4. Set a date and time that is suitable and then books the place.
  5. Determine the guest list.
  6. Choose a fun theme.
  7. Plan some games.
  8. Arrange and purchase the gifts to give.
  9. Decide the menu.
  10. Appoint volunteers who will help on that day.
  11. Arrangement of Music systems and decoration of the place booked.
  12. Prepare some performances to be performed on that night.
  13. Collect the contribution for party.
  14. Make invitations to the high schools graduate.
  15. Purchase prizes to give.
  16. Large amount of balloons and flowers.

Make a proper planning first and jot down the points and then start with the work. Keep in mind to divide the work to responsible persons.