The dos and don’ts of student networking


Social Networking sites and its application has almost become as an integral part of a person’s daily routine, either by occasionally logging in through mobile apps and looking for notifications or using PC to check what is latest buzz in one’s circle. Social networking not only helps to stay socially connected with the friends and family people online it also thereby helps us to interact and communicate and let people know in our circle on our thoughts and important life events through pictures and videos irrespective of where they stay across the world. It also helps to chat with friends, discuss on business topics and connect with people all over the globe. This has made easier for students to start their own student groups and to interact among the students of same class or school or institution. However, these student networking sites have their own merits and demerits.

On the positive side, on discussing the Do’s of student networking, this helps students to share knowledge, know each other better, create a friendly and healthy atmosphere irrespective of caste, creed, gender etc. It also helps them to discuss and become part of debates and conversations related to social causes. Social media can be used by students to connect with professionals and specialized people and in this way it helps in career enhancement. Student networking must be taken in a positive manner which may give positive and productive results.

On the Don’ts of student networking, students must not make bad use of the sites for improper usage of personal information. They must not reveal their every detail or should take advantage of others details.

Networking with people should be done proper caution they need to choose right people else can be easily mislead to do unethical things. Precautions must be taken in using passwords and ensuring network security. They need to be aware of hackers. Verify the links, attachments and downloads. Use morally safe content in pictures and videos and should not use abusive language.